Super Immune Boost


Introducing HealthIV® Super Immune Boost - The Ultimate Defense Enhancer, an innovative IV infusion meticulously crafted to strengthen your body's natural immune function. Battle colds, flu, and other illnesses with this all-encompassing treatment that bolsters your immune defenses and promotes optimal health.

Each 5ml treatment is fortified with:

1ml Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that bolsters immune function, supports overall health, and promotes tissue repair.
1ml Vitamin B Complex: A comprehensive blend of B vitamins that enhances energy levels, brain function, and supports cellular health.
1ml Zinc: A vital mineral that strengthens immune response and promotes proper cellular function.
1ml Magnesium: An essential mineral that aids relaxation, muscle function, and overall wellness.
1ml Manganese and Selenium: Trace minerals that support bone health, metabolism, antioxidant function, and immune response.

HealthIV® Super Immune Boost - The Ultimate Defense Enhancer harnesses the power of these essential nutrients to fortify your immune system and maintain your well-being. Experience heightened immunity, improved resilience, and exceptional vitality with this groundbreaking and comprehensive IV therapy.

Perfect for: Individuals seeking to strengthen their immune system, those recovering from illness, individuals exposed to seasonal infections, travelers seeking protection against health risks, and anyone in need of a potent immune enhancement.

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