Why Covid-19 testing and contact tracing is essential for businesses


With more people now returning to work after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, businesses must now step up to the mark. Robust Covid-19 testing and contact tracing is now essential for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the workforce.

Of course testing and tracing to this scale comes with its logistical challenges. That’s why HealthIV is dedicated to professional ambulatory care services, including mobile Covid-19 testing.

6 Reasons Testing And Tracing Is Important?

In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment during these unprecedented times, businesses need to put in place measures to protect their employees. Not only is COVID testing a matter of compliance, but it’s important for maintaining employee peace of mind.

Safeguard your business

Setting up a secure testing and tracing protocol for your business will help you act quickly if and when an employee becomes exposed to COVID-19. COVID-19 testing and contact tracing needs to be a formal part of today’s business continuity plans.

Return To Work

Having a clear test and trace protocol in place for your business will accelerate the passage of employees back into the workplace after time working from home. Contact tracing your employees is the safest way to ensure a healthy in-house working environment. Remember asymptomatic employees can still spread the virus. Testing is the best way to mitigate unnecessary risk.

Planning & Prevention

Coronavirus testing and contact tracing gives businesses access to the information they need to act quickly and stop viral spread. A reliable and consistent testing regime ensures that any employee who contracts the virus can be isolated immediately.


Depending on your business location, testing and contact tracing employees is likely to become a matter of general compliance. Many local governments are publishing guidelines for employee screening and testing in the workplace. Have a plan in place for when this happens.

Preparing for the future

If we’ve learned anything over the past year and a half, it’s that the virus is unpredictable. Businesses need to be prepared for a resurgence of the virus at any time. Testing and tracing is invaluable amidst this time of uncertainty.

Get your workplace COVID ready with HealthIV

As an employer, you’ll want to ensure that your workforce can access testing as simply, and easily as possible. At HealthIV we’re passionate about maintaining public health and wellbeing. That’s why we’re offering mobile clinical services with in-office and at home covid test options.

Our qualified staff will administer COVID-19 testing and screening in a location of your choice as part of our care management program. There’s never been a more fitting time to start changing the future of healthcare.